SoftClouds and mHealthSys Announce Strategic Partnership

SAN DIEGO, CA – SoftClouds and mHealthSys have announced a strategic partnership to develop next-generation healthcare applications for mobile devices. SoftClouds, a leading provider of enterprise mobility and mobile application development services, will provide development services for mobile platforms and play a key role in helping mHealthSys launch its next-generation mobile healthcare application to help manage chronic conditions, including diabetes.

Mobile technology is poised to alter how healthcare is delivered, the quality of the patient experience, and the cost of healthcare. It’ll extend service to underserved areas and can improve outcomes, health, and disease management efficiency.

By the end of this decade, diabetes alone will likely affect 15% of American adults, approximately 39 million people. The human costs and economic consequences are staggering, but this trend isn’t inevitable. There is growing evidence that interventions, innovative technologies, and awareness can make a difference. mHealthSys is creating applications to help those affected by chronic conditions manage their diseases effectively. They’ll provide creative and engaging applications to monitor critical information and guide, coach, and encourage their end-users.

About SoftClouds

SoftClouds is an agnostic and forward-thinking technology management consulting company specializing in CRM, business intelligence, and enterprise mobility. SoftClouds helps global organizations gain a competitive edge by leveraging the right mix of technology, people, and processes to achieve strategic objectives. The SoftClouds team of domain experts ensures that IT initiatives are tied to business imperatives through quantifiable metrics.

SoftClouds’ proven best practices, industry solutions, experienced consultants, and commitment to excellence combine to help deliver actual business value and return on investment. SoftClouds is proud to be building strategic, long-term client relationships. SoftClouds is headquartered in San Diego, CA.

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