June 13, 2023

Innovative KM Platform Kapture Showcased at ET Auto Tech Summit 2023

[SAN DIEGO, CA] –  We’re pleased to announce that Rama Sivasubramaniam (Rama), Country Head of SoftClouds India Private Limited, will attend the ET Auto Tech Summit in Bengaluru, India, June 21-22, with members of his innovative team to showcase a Knowledge Management platform called Kapture. ET Auto Tech will include various automotive software, new manufacturing technologies, sustainable tech innovations, and groundbreaking platforms like Kapture.

As technology trends are evolving rapidly, organizations need to re-focus and align with the new waves to keep up with the changing trends and technologies to succeed. Knowledge is one of the most significant assets on which organizations rely. Knowledge management (KM) has become more essential, and about 90% of CEOs believe KM is essential to their organizations. With the growth of the knowledge-based economy, KM is a necessary discipline for organizations seeking to improve their competitiveness, efficiency, and innovation.

The Innovation Labs at SoftClouds, based in California, ideated and innovated on an enterprise KM platform called Kapture, enabling KM to become a powerful tool for discovering and promoting knowledge readily available to businesses and consumers. Kapture helps an organization identify, capture, organize, store, share, and utilize its knowledge and data assets to improve performance and achieve strategic objectives.

“I’m excited to attend ET Auto Tech this year. SoftClouds has worked with several top automotive manufacturers and multiple enterprise companies on Knowledge solutions, and we are excited to showcase our innovative KM platform. With generative AI creating a massive impact on the market, Kapture is being launched at the perfect time with a wonderful set of futuristic features and an adaptable API-driven platform that can be integrated into any software application easily.” says Rama. 

Kapture is a powerful API-driven knowledge management platform with advanced content management, search engine, security, analytics, dynamic significant data streams, social media integration, and machine learning capabilities. It helps users to migrate documents, attachments, and user metadata and index them quickly, efficiently, and accurately from their existing platforms. Kapture’s flexible data visualization solution helps users to monitor their article usage, publishing timelines, user feedback, search queries, and reports.

Uday Kumar Javangula, the Product Owner of Kapture, said, “As KM has become increasingly vital, with companies recognizing knowledge as a valuable asset. It’s an exciting time to be in this industry. With decades of experience implementing knowledge systems worldwide, we have built Kapture to be futuristic and enabled easy integrations to multiple data sources for knowledge. Am personally excited about the possibilities that Kapture can bring to knowledge-based organizations.”

If you’re interested to understand and learn how a knowledge platform can help your organization reduce costs and jumpstart your digital transformation, please reach out to Rama or Uday at info-at-kapturekm-dot-com.


Kapture is a next-generation knowledge management platform developed by SoftClouds, a company based in San Diego, California, that can help businesses grow exponentially. As technology trends are proliferating, organizations must re-focus and align with the new waves to keep pace with the changing trends and technologies. The platform can facilitate collaboration, enabling individuals and teams to collaborate seamlessly across different projects, departments, and geographies. Kapture can also provide analytics and insights on sharing and utilizing knowledge, allowing for continuous improvement of processes and outcomes. For more about Kapture, visit us at: www.kapturekm.com.