Jan 01, 2022

SoftClouds | Company Culture

SoftClouds, based in California has been a leader in digital transformation and customer experience solutions since 2005. SoftClouds has been built on 5 Mantras – Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Innovation & Creativity. Being at the forefront of innovation in the evolving world of technology, the methodology and ideology are responsive to business, client expectations and always strive to take CX to the next level with their thought leadership and solution implementations. SoftClouds is an employee-centric organization that always wants to promote work life integration & employee wellness. The focus is to build a team that has passion and empathy – hence the bi-liner used at the company is – “Our People. Our Passion. Our Pride.” Considering Employees as biggest asset; their determination and dedication have made organization successful. Employees are well grounded on how organization works together for a hassle-free work environment.

Mike Downing & SoftClouds – Journey & Impact

In 2015, SoftClouds invited Mike Downing to offer his expertise and experience in directing the project management team at SoftClouds to execute complete life cycle of Customer Experience implementations for its clients.

For more than two decades, Mike has handled multiple software deployment projects for various global enterprise organizations. He established himself as the Director of PMO to successfully execute & deliver of Business processes especially in the areas of Customer Experience and Digital Transformation.

With Mike’s exceptional & change management efforts to the leadership team at SoftClouds, the culture of innovation, and strategic thinking has been emphasised & continuously raising the bar in the organization. His ideas, thoughts & implementations has improvised and made SoftClouds as a trusted business advisor that recommends the best CRM/CX solutions to fit business needs of the customers.

Value-Driven | Employee Engagement Initiatives

As a business leader, Mike takes an active interest in the growth and success of the company and employees. To him, every person in the organization has talent and that talent may need to be encouraged and motivated to reach their true potential. His beliefs on management and leadership have undoubtedly aided him in developing high-performing teams that prioritise quality over quantity. He promotes a work-life balance, with trust, empowerment, and a tailored approach to teamwork.

Mike foresees a bright future of company culture – motivational HR activities, appreciation, allowance & acceptance for new ideas and many more. Here are few best practices that started transforming organization’s culture for the better

  • Give employees a real voice: Timely and constructive feedback allowing employees to express their thoughts and ideas for better innovation.
  • Developing high-performance learning culture: Professional development opportunities for learning, growth promotion and expanding skill set.
  • Philosophy of Transparency: Maintaining Philosophy of Transparency by hosting all-hands meetings to feel the employees where they stand & where the company is headed.
  • Protecting wellness & mental health of Employees: Initiating World Mental Health Day program among the employees boosted their efficiency to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Promoting a good work life balance among the teams has led to better efficiency, effectiveness and productivity.

Accelerated Modern HR & Digital Fluency

Mike ensures that employees follow the 5 Mantras of the organization as they move into new roles, teams, and workspaces. He is wonderful at encouraging everyone to become proficient in the digital world by creating customised skilling and learning paths.

Empathy, data focus, and enabling analysis to drive strategy are the three modern HR approaches being implemented in the organization. Even though transformation and change are difficult to achieve, there are simple-to-use tools and platforms available to assist employees for the company. Staff engagement surveys, one on-one meetings, and skills coaching, a daily management coaching tool has helped employees to keep engaged and motivated at work life.

Giving Back to Society

Giving and Social Responsibility is engrained in the culture at SoftClouds. SoftCloudians always considered their responsibility to give back to the community in whatever way possible. Initiated in 2019, the Giving Moments is a philanthropic program that collaborated with world renowned non-profit organizations like America’s Vet Dogs, No Kid Hungry, Grow Trees, Smile Foundation, Sood Foundation etc.

Mike empowered employees to give back to society because he hopes to have an overall impact on people’s quality of life around the world. Mike has been great at involving employees to participate & engage in the “giving” activities that inspire and motivate them towards a positive mindset towards the society. He always feels that businesses cannot be successful if the society around them fails. Mike’s approach and view towards the importance of feedback continues to keep employees on the right path to success and motivates them to lead the learning curve for the industry as well.

Inspiring the Future of Work

Mike added “In my optimistic future, I want to see better leaders around the world working together to solve the world ‘s most challenging issues while also taking advantage of the many opportunities that exist.”

Hybrid model is ruling the culture of future work. Companies who had a hybrid work model during Pandemic had better mental health and stronger work relationships. SoftClouds is proud that employees working here adopted the hybrid model within no time by not disturbing their work results. Accepting & adopting new technologies like Metaverse Meeting Spaces, AI-Based HR Analytics is in progress.

“Great Companies Might Not Build a Great Culture but Great Culture will always Build a Great Company!”

As a business leader – Mike is a firm believer in leading by example and making a larger impact to the world with his thoughts, innovation and leadership skills.