Jeremy Reed
“SoftClouds understands Siebel Open UI to the core – and has an excellent technical team. SoftClouds delivered Siebel Open UI for our Hospitality Division. The project was delivered with High Quality on Time. With their team, communication lines were always open, and deliverables clearly defined as the project leader excelled at understanding the product capabilities and provided top-notch documentation.”
George Jacob
GVP - Engineering Oracle
“SoftClouds has demonstrated exceptional expertise in Siebel Open UI, Mobility, Upgrades and excellence in integrating multiple systems in various verticals. SoftClouds has also been innovating on technology trends like NLP & IoT. With Oracle Siebel IP17 bringing more business agility to existing CRM implementations, SoftClouds has the right tools & technologies to implement next generation innovative solutions to their customers.”
Dave MacFarlane
Founder & CEO, OccuVAX
“SoftClouds has been a trusted technology and business partner for over five years. We begin our transformational journey with SoftClouds after we licensed Oracle’s Service Cloud. The architects did an amazing job understanding our business and suggesting ways Service Cloud could help us modernize. They also brought their mobile development team to give us true remote capabilities for our flu clinics. We work with SoftClouds on an ongoing basis to improve our platforms to help us keep pace with the ever-changing office and health standards environment. We’re very excited about the capabilities of the state-of-the-art futuristic solutions designed by SoftClouds provided us with a solution tailored specifically to our needs. Our business has grown, and costs have decreased significantly even during these challenging times. We’re delighted with the amazing innovation and our partnership with SoftClouds.”
Gary B. West
COO Flying Software Labs, Inc. MyFlightSolutions
“We’re a small growing company with limited resources. SoftClouds stepped in and provided the help and resources we needed to get our CRM system up and running in a timely and professional manner. Their technical knowledge and customer service was exceptional. We’d highly recommend SoftClouds for your next hi-tech project.””
Greg DeGeller
President Quantum Design International
“The Oracle Sales Cloud Implementation for our worldwide offices required highly specialized efforts and SoftClouds was able to customize the CRM Solution to suit our company’s needs. Their successful implementation of CRM on Demand, and then transitioning to Oracle Sales Cloud, greatly eased our transition and SoftClouds did an excellent job to deliver quality solutions on time. We look forward to working with SoftClouds on future projects in the near future.”
Erica Butler
MIS, CKM, Director of Knowledge Management, Mountain America Credit Union
“SoftClouds has been a trusted partner for several years, helping us through the migration to Oracle Knowledge Advanced (KA), which included mass content movement and unique system development. SoftClouds also implemented a distinctive user interface based on our custom design, giving our knowledge base a sleek and modern look. We’ve retained SoftClouds for many years after the initial implementation to help us create and launch enhancements to our KA platform. We gained compliance by implementing and optimizing KA through unique workflows. They helped us enhance our team member experience, add value to our branch performance, and improve our member interactions.”
Mark Kramer
Sr. Global Sales & Mktg Ops Manager, Spirent
“We’ve been working with the SoftClouds team for many years. Our project started with updating our existing customer service center site with a modern UI/UX. This improved our user experience by separating out the Customer Service Center (CSC) features for Spirent Customers, Spirent Partners, and Public users. SoftClouds also assisted with integrating Oracle Knowledge Management with Salesforce, implemented a hierarchical knowledge view for better navigation in the CSC, and enhanced case management with chatter experience to improve our customer service. We continue to work with the SoftClouds team on an ongoing basis for updates and improvements and see value in our ongoing and collaborative partnership.”