SoftClouds Enhances Customer Delight with Hyperindividualized CX, Better Reporting, Customer Service & Modern Digital Work flows

About the Client

The client aims to raise the performance of paints and coatings produced by manufacturers that are applied by painters and contractors. They also work towards reducing the architect’s, specifier’s, and asset owner’s risk, assuring the skill, reputation, and probityof the paint applicator to yield a better product. To educate on the quality and application of paint, the client has developed a decision-tree software that aligns the selection of coatings to the intended building substrate and service environment.



  • Bad customer experience due to unavailability of Agent Desktop & Customer Portal
  • Security issues due to insecure practices
  • Poor user adoption due to the outdated UI and no mobile interface
  • No visibility preventing client from finding key trends and documents
  • Time consuming manual operations that caused more confusion and cost

SoftClouds – From Evolution to Implementation

  • The new CRM system with a consolidated interface had multiple points of interaction.It allowed every system like Manufacturing, and Accounting use the same database which reduced duplication
  • Modern paperless workflow with accurate information was easier to access, manage and maintain
  • Reduced data storage costs considerably
  • Increased speed and efficiency of workflow that allowed future scalability and additions to market offerings
  • Allowed direct management of information by the parties who supply information

Key Benefits Achieved

These were the benefits gained after the specialists at SoftClouds implemented the innovative solution

  • Single Sign-on for secured user access
  • Personalized UI/UX – Branded & Dynamic Portal for Better Customer Experience
  • Seamless workflow through a single system using separate views for different user types
  • Significant reduction in data generation and storage
  • Increased exposure for up-selling opportunities
  • Integrated Accounting & Order Information Systems
  • Increased User Adoption
  • Single multi-purpose database for entire the process and metrics
  • Accurate and accessible metrics to help inform decisions
  • Customized reporting & data graphical representation helped in easy understanding of day-to-day activities using real time analytics & interactive dashboards

The Solution implemented by our architects at SoftClouds improved accuracy, performance, reduced time to market and maintainability of the system. SoftClouds understood the pain points of the client and implemented the solution with rich features and easy to use. Our design team took into consideration of products that needs to be supported in future and provided a solution that was future compatible and supported Asset Based Ordering and Subscription Management.

- Srikesh Menon, Practice Director - CPQ