IT | Oracle Service Cloud - SoftClouds.

IT | Oracle Service Cloud - SoftClouds.

About the Client

The most significant IT and business consulting firm globally provides services in applications, business consulting, business processes, IT infrastructure, IT outsourcing, and systems integration. They have customers in various industries and markets, with many in financial services. Other sectors include telecommunications, health, manufacturing, oil and gas, logistics, retail and consumer services, transportation, and utilities. Their customers include private companies and the government.


Before implementation of SoftClouds’ solutions, the client encountered various challenges, like lack of reporting tools and no audit history, along with the following:

  • Disparate, disconnected, and legacy systems
  • Determining eligibility of benefits
  • Manual checks to verify eligibility based on rules and regulations
  • Dynamic decisions are impossible
  • No digitalized contact center tools
  • High workload for contact center
  • Additional manual process to scan emails and generate response email
  • Longer duration to resolve the query


SoftClouds provided an innovative solution and utilized a variety of platforms, including Oracle Service Cloud and Oracle Intelligent Advisor. We engaged in the design, architecture, and implementation of a new solution for better business processes, including:

  • Go Digital – Reduce Clutter
  • Implemented OIA integrated into Oracle B2C Servicefor self-service to check eligibility instantly
  • Personalized intuitive advice to citizens to calculate dynamically based on user input
  • Easily automate decisions and complex calculations for a seamless experience
  • Enhanced contact center with self-service in web and mobile
  • Consistency across all channels
  • Reduced paperwork to print and fill forms to mail
  • Dynamic and personalized reporting


SoftClouds was able to efficiently reorganize and bring the client’s processes up to date to ensure the project’s success. As a result, the client gained these benefits:

  • Transparently record and explain the advice given and decisions made
  • Empower citizens to modernize self-service for their questions
  • Anytime, anywhere, on any device access
  • Improved cost-efficiency
  • Prevention and reduced human errors in calculations and outdated policies
  • Efficiency in accounting systems and processes
  • Streamlined access experience to citizens between old and new systems
  • Improved overall reporting capabilities with data integrity

This implementation was a resounding success as it improved the customer experience. The contact center was set up with self-service (web and mobile), making it easier for end-customers to access their data anytime. The innovative solutions using Oracle Service Cloud and Oracle Intelligent Advisor improved the workflows from manual to automated, thus reducing paperwork and clutter. A huge ROI was immediately achieved with personalization key to accomplishment. Thanks to the excellent architects at SoftClouds, we’re proud of this fantastic digital transformation that changed lives.

- Mahesh Jeyakumar, Practice Director, OSvC, SoftClouds