Innovative & Futuristic Architecture That Provides Accuracy, Performance, Reduced Time To Market For a Networking Solutions Provider

About the Client

The client is a global leader in providing networking solutions and makes software, IP and optical networking solutions for service providers, enterprises, and critical infrastructure sectors. The client offers enterprise solutions to connect, integrate, secure, and manage high-performance networks, enabling real-time communications and other mission-critical applications that are deployed in your network, in a private cloud or public cloud.



  • Consumed more time to market due to delay in implementing and modifying products
  • Performance and maintenance issues due to high volume of product rules application
  • Complex visibility control needing additional configurations for different product groups
  • Lack of process to handle changes in configuration impacting inflight product quotes
  • Existing system cannot handle complex product rules causing data duplication
  • Did not support Asset Based Ordering

SoftClouds – Simplification of Quoting and Sales process

SoftClouds was involved in architecture, design, implementation, and seamless transition of the client from current CPQ to Oracle CPQ system. The following were done to optimize on the business for the client.

  • Architected Product configuration to enable writing rules across multiple product configurations
  • Simplified UI for end users to handle Catalogs and
  • Analyzed, understood the existing implementation to optimize product structure and rules
  • Re-designed product configuration and reduced the number of product configuration from 400+ to 45
  • Implemented data driven approach for product rules
  • Simplified the implementation with data driven approach reducing the load on maintenance team
  • Controlled visibility using Oracle CPQ visibility control features and provide granular visibility control
  • Implemented batch process and approval process to handle configuration changes for inflight orders systematically

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Reduced number of clicks and re-entering data
  • Guided & simplified user interface to reduce training costs, easier onboarding of new sales reps and partners
  • Ease of maintenance by reducing number of product configurations using product rules and data driven approach
  • Reduced time to market
  • Controlled visibility of products and removed maintenance overhead
  • Systematically handled inflight quotes ensuring they are submitted without any outdated products
  • Product rules ensure all Quotes are 100 % accurate

“We aided the client by developing a cloud-based solution that relieved their system technicians’ pain by reducing administrative overhead and time. The new system enabled access control mechanism for more data visibility & access based on roles thus making it easy to use regardless of the location. We enabled daily reports on status changes, and for workload tracking so as to help technicians handle increased customer service cases. Overall, we are very delighted to be
able to help our client provide enhanced user experience to their customers.

- Tanushree Gupta, PMO Lead