Distribution | Oracle CPQ | Sales / Service Cloud

Distribution | Oracle CPQ | Sales / Service Cloud

About the Client

The client is a global leader in sourcing and distributing pharmaceutical supplies for over 30+ years in clinical trials. They are an agile supplier with expertise in new regulations and drug demands. Their facilities are fully staffed with clinical trial supply specialists that oversee logistics and depot management.


The client wanted to digitally transform their business due to the following challenges:

  • Lack of lead assessment & qualification process
  • Outdated applications that reduced sales performance
  • High operational costs due to manual customer service
  • Data available for everyone to see and edit without any classification
  • High network traffic and costs in CTI integration

The Objectives – Digital Transformation Process:

Based on the challenges that they had with their systems and processes, the following were the primary objectives of their Digital Transformation:

  • Go Digital – Reduce Clutter
  • Optimize Process – Reduce Expenses
  • Improve Profitability
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction

SoftClouds – From Evolution to Implementation:

Team SoftClouds was involved in the design, architecture, and implementation of the digital transformation solution. The following were implemented as part of the project:

  • Streamlined & automated business process
  • Customized Sales Automation
  • Real time analysis and interactive dashboards
  • Digital customer service with self-service, knowledge management, chat & co-browse, inventory & orders
  • Leveraged sample UI templates with JET UI
  • Defined data visibility and access control mechanism
  • Integrated with External Tax Calculation System, Oracle CPQ Cloud, & CX Mobile
  • Implemented a Robust Fulfillment Methodology

Platforms/Tech used:

SoftClouds delivered an innovative 360-degree solution that included platforms such as:

  • Oracle Engagement Cloud
  • Oracle CPQ Cloud
  • Android Phone/Tablet Applications


After the implementation of the creative solution by the experts at SoftClouds, these were the advantages gained by our client:

  • Role based data visibility
  • Product Sync between CPQ & OEC
  • Modern ticket system with faster interaction
  • Knowledge that reduced the call center operation costs
  • Cost and time savings in customer sessions with co-browsing and chat

We are delighted with the holistic quoting implementation that provides lead to cash visibility. Being in the pharmaceutical industry, the client had complex internal and regulatory compliance processes. They needed a solution that was both scalable and easily adaptable to their global needs. SoftClouds offered them with a bespoke solution that was tailored to these complex processes incorporating supplier negotiations while quoting customers. Quoting process visibility and metrics are readily available, win rates are higher, users like the system, resulting in adaptation throughout the enterprise.

– Shankar Sitapati, VP – Delivery