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Distributor Oracle CPQ & OSvC


The client is based in California and is a multi-generational family business. It grew from a small restaurant supply house into a multi-million-dollar distributor of stock and custom cardboard boxes, wine shipment containers, and janitorial supplies and equipment.


Before implementation of Oracle’s incentive compensation management solutions, the client encountered various challenges like handling an unstructured data analytics system, along with the following:

  • Tracking of sales compensations in one of the spreadsheets
  • Manual intervention and monitoring of compensation data
  • Inability to automatically handle commission adjustments caused by returns or short orders
  • Ineffective and delayed reporting


SoftClouds architected an innovative solution utilizing Oracle’s incentive compensation management system integration with Oracle Fusion ERP:

  • Implemented incentive compensation module to track commissions from orders
  • Optimized approval process
  • Incentive compensation module including the ability to handle clawbacks, adjustments, and commission floors
  • Bi-directional integration with Fusion ERP


SoftClouds was able to efficiently reorganize and bring the client’s sales commission processes up to date to ensure the project’s success. As a result, the client gained these benefits:

  • Systematized business process, which reduced cost and time
  • Ability to handle complex compensation models and scenarios
  • Adjustments that could result from multiple systems, including returns, short orders, or clawbacks
  • Graphical data visualization so that salespersons could understand their compensation
  • Bi-directional integration helps to obtain real-time data

This company revolutionized its sales compensation system by implementing Oracle’s Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) to coincide with their fiscal new year. They have a complex sales compensation process due to their variety of products and highly transactional sales cycle. Additionally, sales hierarchies cut across channels and divisions, resulting in a unique organizational structure. ICM covered their complex sales scenarios, various adjustments in the ordering process, and provided clear, concise reports.

- Shankar Sitapati, VP of Delivery Services