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The client is a Fortune 1000 public utilities company based in Portland, Oregon. They’re a vertically integrated energy company that engages in the generation, wholesale purchase, transmission, distribution, and retail sale of electricity. The total utility plant assets are worth $12.15 billion, and retail revenues are over $2 billion. By 2050, the client is targeting to be 80% carbon-free.


Before implementing a digital transformation solution from SoftClouds, the client used an outdated knowledge management platform called Verint with an inefficient business process flow. It needed more workflow management, knowledge management (KM) functionality, and minimal reporting and analytics. The solution provided a poor search experience (no federated search, filtering, or sorting), integration with legacy systems wasn’t easy (it wasn’t upgraded since 2018), and limited features and support. Overall, it wasn’t extensible for the future.


The technical architects of SoftClouds provided a comprehensive 360-degree solution that was innovative and utilized a variety of platforms, including Oracle Service Cloud (OSvC). SoftClouds engaged in the design, architecture, and implementation of better business processes, such as:

  • Automate Migration & Integrate Business Intelligence
  • Remove Manual Formatting with Standardized Templates
  • Implement Digital Assistant & Intelligent Advisor
  • Support Knowledge-Based Operational Decisions
  • Establish Call Center Rerouting


SoftClouds was able to efficiently reorganize and bring the client’s processes up to date as an outcome of the success of the digital transformation project. As a result, the client obtained the following benefits:

  • Faster Access to Customer Info
  • Unified & Structured Content with Branding Guidelines
  • Improved Search Function
  • Content Rendering Made Easy from OKA to C2M Widgets
  • Proactive & Insightful Analytics
  • Customizable Reports & Dashboards


“SoftClouds migrated 95% of the Verint articles to Oracle Service Cloud. The client’s platform now provides an improved customer experience and is designed for self-service with access to an intelligent advisor and digital assistant. It has a personalized website UI/UX, which helps to reduce clicks. Also, advisors can now quickly access data from multiple channels.”