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Customer Background: Setting New Standards in Lighting

Our customer brings a creative approach to lighting and offers industry-leading technology that sets the bar for performance, quality, and flexibility. Their in-house research & development team designs products that provide exceptional aesthetics and are modular, which allows their lights to adapt quickly to a future room redesign. Their LED lights produce accurate colour rendering, smooth dimming, and low power consumption.

Their award-winning lighting complements and enhances how a room looks and feels. They understand that light is more than illumination; it is the very essence of beauty, practicality, and ultimately, enjoyment within a space. Their commitment goes beyond the product, which guarantees compatibility with lighting controls, access to advanced technical support, and an industry-leading 10-year warranty.

Challenges: Navigating the Complexities of Illumination Excellence

Our customer faced several challenges that impacted the efficiency and accuracy of their operations. At SoftClouds, we understood these challenges and offer innovative solutions to transform the obstacles into opportunities, ensuring a more streamlined & efficient incentive compensation management experience for them.

  • Data Disparity: Juggling multiple data systems and channels led to confusion and inconsistencies in managing incentive compensation.
  • Complex Scenarios: Intricate commission structures and lack of audit trails made tracking and verifying compensation difficult.
  • Manual Processes: Manual interventions in invoice creation and compensation data entry were prone to errors and inefficiencies.
  • Currency Conversion: Handling multiple currencies added another layer of complexity to calculations and payouts.
  • Third-Party Payments: There was no proper system that could address third-party payments. Reps who bring business were calculated commission at rep level, but commissions were paid to Parent of Reps aka supplier company. This entire process was seamlessly automated.
  • Integration Issues: Difficulty integrating supplier, site, and rep agency data with incentive compensation hindered process optimization.

Customer Expectations: A Vision for Seamless Solutions

Bright Expectations, Brilliant Solutions:

  • A Solution as Dynamic as Your Vision: Was seeking a solution that not only addresses exceptions and complexities but also illuminated the path to data integrity.
  • Scalability that Outshines: Was yearning for a partner with a track record of scaling alongside increasing transactional volumes, ensuring a radiant future for business growth.
  • History of Success: Was aiming for a partner with a luminous history of successful deployments in the commissions space, shining a light on reliability and expertise.
  • Digital Transformation Pioneers: Was aspire to collaborate with a company boasting a 100% success rate in digital transformation, illuminating the way forward with confidence and innovation.

SoftClouds & Solutions: Lighting the Way to Operational Brilliance

SoftClouds was a trusted ally in their digital transformation. With a tailored approach, SoftClouds delivered a solution that exceeded expectations of the customer:

  • Participants:SoftClouds bridged the gap between 200 reps and 70 suppliers, fostering seamless collaboration and efficient communication. No more silos just streamlined success.
  • Streamlined data elements: Organized Sales Quotes, Sales Orders, Shopify Orders, AR Invoices, Credit Memos, and FX for clarity.
  • Comprehensive Commission Management: Managed Base Commissions, Overage Commissions, Ongoing Adjustments, Claw-backs, and Commission Splits for fair compensation.
  • Rep events: Facilitated Rep Onboarding, Currency Changes, and Geo changes to adapt to evolving circumstances.
  • Payment Precision: Ensured timely Monthly payouts, accommodated Third-party payees, and utilized the Payments Connector (A/P) for efficiency.

Outcomes: Enlightening the Path to Success

SoftClouds was able to efficiently reorganize and bring the sales commission processes up to date to ensure the project’s success. As a result, the customer gained these benefits:

  • Data Processing: Average Monthly Data Volume: 100K
  • Processing Time: YTD cumulative/Per event Calc: 20mins
  • UDQ Performance: Average Execution Time per UDQ: 0.068 seconds
  • Payment Efficiency: On-Time Payments: Within 45 days from the date period closure

SoftClouds successfully met the expectations of the customer by delivering a scalable solution that not only addressed complexities but also enhanced data processing efficiency. This success story showcases the commitment of SoftClouds to achieving digital transformation with a 100% success rate, solidifying its position as a reliable partner in the commissions space.

Beyond simply meeting expectations, SoftClouds crushed them, delivering a scalable solution that not only tamed complexities but turbocharged data processing efficiency. This success story isn’t just a one-off; it’s a testament to SoftClouds’ unwavering commitment to digital transformation, boasting a flawless track record in the commissions space. Beyond this specific example, SoftClouds’ commitment to excellence extends to all the clients. We consistently go the extra mile to deliver innovative solutions that drive real business value.

“Manufacturing Industry and SoftClouds – Illuminating the Path to Commission Excellence”