Industrial | Oracle CPQ

Industrial | Oracle CPQ


The client is a global equipment manufacturer concentrating on chemical, food, beverage, and pharmaceutical processing with operations in more than 30 nations and sales in more than 140 countries across the globe. They specialize in building, researching, and testing various industrial-based processing equipment. They have over $1 billion in revenue.


Before implementing SoftClouds’ solutions, the client encountered various challenges like dealing with outdated large complex global systems with performance issues, along with the following:

  • Document engine that’s out of date and has many iterations
  • Imprecise user Interface with complex navigations
  • System-generated emails with limited details
  • Deprecated products result in quote errors


SoftClouds provided a solution that was innovative and utilized a variety of platforms, including Oracle CPQ Cloud. We engaged in the design, architecture, and implementation of a new solution for better business processes, including:

  • Library functions have been implemented to replace complicated global functions
  • Document designer was implemented, and the design was simplified
  • JET UI innovative principles were included to give an excellent user-friendly interface
  • Email designer was built to provide control over the control of all of the business emails
  • Data-driven approach to avoid selection of deprecated products


SoftClouds was able to efficiently reorganize and bring the client’s processes up to date as an outcome of the project’s success. As a result, the client gained these benefits:

  • Reduced number of data table calls via library functions
  • Improved performance with the new document designer features
  • Improved user experience with simple, user-friendly controls and navigations
  • Customized design provides more precise details about the quote with a good UI
  • Improved configuration