Global Manufacturing, Salesforce & SoftClouds Case Study​

Global Manufacturing

The Background:

Our client, a renowned farm and construction equipment manufacturer with over 80 years of industry presence, ranks among the top equipment manufacturers in the world. The product range includes skid steer loaders, compact excavators, side-by-sides, compact tractors, and various small hydraulic equipment. The client was using the Salesforce Service & Community Cloud and encountered challenges with language translation among their internal users and dealers.

The Challenges:

The client encountered language translation challenges with their Salesforce implementation. The objective was to enhance the efficiency & effectiveness of language translation processes within the Salesforce environment, ensuring a seamless and optimized user experience.

The following were the challenges:

  • Existing workflow was inefficient due to reliance on a manual translation process using Google Translate.
  • Translation was manual & conducted outside the system, leading to additional complexity.
  • Lack of understanding of cases and case comments, impacting clarity in communication.
  • Manual process resulted in increased turn-around time for case responses, affecting responsiveness and costs.
  • Existing system struggled to handle multiple cases simultaneously with optimal performance, causing operational challenges.

The Solution:

To address these challenges, the solution architects at SoftClouds did a competitive analysis and decided to integrate the ‘1440 Translation Studio’ solution with existing Salesforce platform to enhance multilingual language translation and improve the overall user experience.

The primary objectives included:

  • Seamless Multilingual Communication: SoftClouds recommended adopting the “1440 translation studio” solution to address language translation needs and enhance the user experience for internal users at the client and the dealer community with the primary goal of streamlining communication through automatic language translation and a user-friendly interface.
  • Efficient and Accurate Translations: The solution aimed to improve communication between the users by providing efficient & accurate translations, streamlining the translation process, reducing manual efforts, minimizing unnecessary translation costs and ensuring translations only need to be done once.
  • Enhanced Troubleshooting Experience: The project enhanced troubleshooting for internal client users by automatically translating dealer-submitted case info to English. Acceptance criteria included automatic language detection, saving translations to the case, displaying translations below the original text, and preserving image locations in the translated text.
  • Optimization of Translate Case Layout: The project concentrated on optimizing the layout of the Translate case for both the dealer community and internal users, offering options to hide translated or original text, ensuring readability, and preserving image locations.
  • Glossary Enhancement for Better Quality: Additional Features were included to enhance the glossary for better translation quality, involving the optimization of the glossary to improve accuracy and relevance in translations.
  • Translation of Knowledge Articles (KAs): The project introduced a “Translate” button for the automatic translation of knowledge articles (KAs) into predefined EMEA languages. This applies to KAs created by client internal users and can be viewed by dealer community members, ensuring separate pages for each language and appropriate placement of images.

The Implementation:

The architects at SoftClouds seamlessly integrated the 1440 translation studio tool solution within Salesforce, prioritizing workflow maintenance and introducing critical features. Notable enhancements included EMEA Case Translation, multiple views for case comments, glossary improvements, and Knowledge Article translation. However, addressing performance requirements remained a challenge in optimizing the translation solution. This case study explores how the architects at SoftClouds navigated complexities to enhance translation capabilities within the Salesforce environment.

  • Performance: The translation process had to be fast and responsive, handling multiple translations concurrently without significant performance degradation for a smooth user experience.
  • Scalability: The solution needed to handle a growing number of Knowledge Articles and case comments and needed to accommodate additional EMEA languages for the future.
  • Security: The solution had to comply with data protection regulations, implementing access controls and user authentication to restrict translation access to authorized personnel.
  • Accuracy: Translations had to be highly accurate, with continuous improvement efforts through regular updates to the glossary and translation memory.
  • Integration: The solution had to seamlessly integrate with Salesforce and the dealer community platform, ensuring smooth data flow without data loss or corruption.
  • Usability: The translation solution needed to cater to users with varying technical expertise and language proficiency, providing training materials for onboarding.
  • Data Management: Translated data had to be efficiently stored, organized, and backed up for easy retrieval and data integrity.

The Results:

The meticulously crafted implementation ushered in a multitude of positive transformations, significantly elevating the efficiency and effectiveness of operations, resulting in an improved overall performance.

  • Streamlined Translation Process: The integration seamlessly streamlined the translation process, enhancing efficiency and reducing complexity.
  • Minimized Manual Efforts: By leveraging automation, the implementation significantly decreased the need for manual efforts, allowing resources to be allocated more strategically.
  • Achieved Uniformity and Accuracy in Translation: The solution contributed to achieving a higher level of uniformity and accuracy in translations, ensuring consistency across various communication channels.
  • Cost-Effective Translation: The implementation successfully minimized translation costs, optimizing budget allocation and resource utilization.
  • Improved System Performance: The positive impact on system performance was notable, with enhancements contributing to a more robust and efficient operational environment.
  • Automation in Language Detection: Incorporating advanced language detection capabilities, the system autonomously identified languages, streamlining the translation workflow.
  • Facilitated Smooth and Rapid Communication: The implementation facilitated smoother and faster communication, fostering improved collaboration and information exchange.
  • Reduced Turn-around Time on Cases: With increased efficiency and automation, the turn-around time on cases experienced a noteworthy reduction, enhancing overall responsiveness.
  • No Disruption to Existing Processes: The successful integration ensured a seamless fit into existing processes, mitigating any potential disruption and allowing for a smooth transition.

The SoftClouds Success Strategy:

The successful completion of the project within the allocated time and budget can be attributed to a thorough and precise approach by the architects at SoftClouds that highlights a strong commitment to excellence by our expert team.

  • Thorough Impact Analysis: SoftClouds conducted a comprehensive impact analysis to ensure the smooth integration of our solution without disrupting the existing system.
  • Detailed Documentation: SoftClouds had a detailed documentation process that played a pivotal role in clearly defining requirements & acceptance criteria, that provided a roadmap for the entire project.
  • Collaborative Design: Through collaborative design efforts, SoftClouds engaged closely with the client’s solution architects, fostering an environment for an optimal solution tailored to their unique needs.
  • Agile Development: Adopting an agile development methodology, SoftClouds conducted iterative sprints and demos to continuously gather client feedback, ensuring that the evolving solution aligned with their expectations.
  • Proactive Issue Highlighting: Identifying potential challenges early on, SoftClouds proactively highlighted translation solution limitations and dependencies, allowing for prompt resolution and mitigation.
  • Rigorous Testing: The rigorous testing process at SoftClouds encompassed multiple rounds, ensuring a seamless User Acceptance Testing (UAT) experience for the client and mitigating any unforeseen issues.

The innovative solution by SoftClouds went above and beyond, exceeding the expectations of the client and leaving both the client and end-users exceptionally pleased and satisfied. This achievement not only underscores the unwavering commitment of SoftClouds to its clients but also serves as a testament to our passion for excellence in every project we undertake. The success of this endeavour reflects the pride we take in consistently delivering positive and impactful outcomes for our clients, reinforcing our dedication to fostering long-term partnerships built on trust, innovation, and exceptional results.


Through dedication and expertise, Team SoftClouds successfully delivered the project, upholding high standards and ensuring utmost customer satisfaction. The seamless integration of the language translation streamlined the process for users, eliminating manual efforts and consequently enhancing their overall performance. The client expressed delight, excitement, and satisfaction as SoftClouds successfully delivered a high-quality project within the specified timeframe and budgetary constraints.