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This client started in 1979 when a group of visionaries joined forces to provide employees in the technology industry with leading-edge financial services. 40 years later, the client has become one of California’s largest credit unions with 7 community branches and more than 63,000 members. The client provides free financial education programs, fosters financial literacy, and mentors the next generation of business professionals.


Before Implementing SoftClouds’ solutions, the client encountered various challenges like handling outdated sales processes and systems, along with the following:

  • No proper sales lead for existing & new contacts
  • Inability to view sales opportunities for new sales inquiries
  • Difficulty in assigning sales opportunities to sales personnel
  • Inefficient contact management for B2B & B2C
  • Unmanageable manual process


SoftClouds provided a comprehensive 360-degree solution that was innovative and utilized a variety of platforms, including Oracle Engagement Cloud (OEC). We engaged in the design, architecture, and implementation of better business processes, including:

  • Configured sales campaigns with attachments
  • Built personalized marketing templates
  • Automated lead scoring & ranking
  • Enabled multiple addresses to contacts & accounts
  • Account prioritization & enrichment
  • Implemented role-based data visibility
  • Integration with Oracle Social Network & Microsoft Outlook


SoftClouds efficiently organized the client’s sales and services management systems, bringing the clients’ operations up to date as a consequence of the project’s success. As a result of SoftClouds’ innovative solution, the client gained these benefits:

  • Incredible campaign process associates multiple contacts, groups & segments
  • Automated scoring retrieves qualified leads
  • Modernized business process saves time & money
  • Hierarchy-based data visibility ensures data reliability


"SoftClouds team’s solution transformed the client’s operations by giving their clients a state-of-the-art experience. The innovative solution leveraged OEC, automating lead scoring, helping clients identify high-quality leads, and improving their revenue. Many thanks to the SoftClouds engineers for delivering this solution, meeting our client’s schedules, and transforming their businesses.”