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In 2021, our information systems client launched an e-store built on the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform for global payments. Stripe was integrated into the new website to enable multiple pre-payments for sales in EUR and GBP. VAT calculations were integrated into Avalara’s AvaTax plug-in. The client needed help configuring the Avalara Tax calculation for multiple countries in the EU, especially with making VAT calculations and VAT number validations in the e-store checkout process.


  • Manual tax and VAT calculation for global ship-to-address
  • Required multiple warehouses for VAT calculation
  • No integration and registration process for the global warehouse
  • No provision for digital products and subscriptions


We provided a comprehensive 360-degree solution that was innovative and utilized a variety of platforms. This was a tax integration project with the client’s Salesforce Commerce Cloud website. We engaged in the design, architecture, and implementation of better business processes, such as:

  • Automated tax and VAT calculation for e-store
  • Added-value services to global customers on shipping to multiple locations
  • Automated country list for tax and VAT validation
  • Integrated inventories for multiple warehouse locations


SoftClouds was able to efficiently reorganize and bring the client’s processes up to date as an outcome of the project’s success. As a result, the client obtained these benefits:

  • Complete tax and VAT setup for global coverage
  • Real-time tax calculations for multiple ship-to locations
  • Integrated site for both US and rest of world customers
  • E-store and Stripe payment integration for tax.


“SoftClouds team successfully improved the overall experience of our client’s e-Store for print and digital products. This solution provides each customer with greater control, therefore improves customer experiences.”