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Automotive Oracle Service Cloud


An international power vehicles manufacturer operating in multiple countries across the world with over $14 billion in revenue. They deal with power vehicle products like motorbikes, watercraft, ATVs, all-terrain vehicles, cruisers, etc.


Prior to the digital transformation, these were the challenges faced by the international power vehicles manufacturer:

  • Creating, monitoring, & tracking any process was complex due to old mainframe system
  • Lack of proper warranty management
  • Difficulty in generation of customized reports
  • Old & stale data that was dated over 50 years


Based on the challenges – the client had the following primary objectives for Digital Transformation:

  • Cloud Migration
  • Digitalization
  • Reduce Expenses
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction


The architects at SoftClouds followed the below steps for digital transformation:

  • Effectively migrated data & process from their old mainframe system to Oracle Service Cloud
  • Streamlined & automated the business process of product registration, claims, logs, chat & email support, knowledge management, etc
  • Setup dashboards for easier access & implemented 360-degree customer view for better customer experience
  • Implemented warranty management & customer care


As with any digital transformation, the innovative solution by SoftClouds used a set of platforms that included:

  • Oracle Service Cloud
  • Amazon Web Services Cloud
  • Integration with multiple external systems


After the implementation of the creative solution by the experts at SoftClouds, these were the advantages gained by our client:

  • Improved usability meeting the needs of the modern employee & customer
  • Reduced cost of service & increased customer satisfaction
  • Better response rate to customer tickets/chats & emails
  • Management gets a 360 view of the customer clearly
  • Web-based user experience that helped
  • employees & customers with a next-generation customer experience
  • Downloadable recall letter generation
  • Contact data de-duplication helped target the right customers


The results of the innovation digital transformation were tremendous. Here are some of the outstanding results:

  • 80% efficiency in creation of repair campaigns
  • 50% faster in handling knowledge content for dealers & customers 60% more efficient in email management
  • 50% reduction in application maintenance & support
  • 20% more efficient in handling claims auto approval
  • 30% improvement in productivity of managers for report generation
  • 30% more efficient in handling warranty cancellations
  • 25% productivity improvement for welcome letter dispatch team
  • 37% increase in registered vehicles for 2020 – 15% increase in 2021

This project was a complete team effort from all the partners involved! It was an extremely successful implementation, & we were able to revolutionize their operations.

- Raghavendra Uniche, Project Manager, SoftClouds