Job Title:

Country Head - India


Remote - India

Job Overview:

At SoftClouds, we are experiencing an incredible period of growth and expansion as the direct
result of understanding our client’s needs and developing products and technology that will support the future of
their goals and Investment. To continue this path, we are searching for a highly qualified Country Head to work
closely with our executive team.
The Country Head will be the right hand to the Chief Executive Officer to help drive forward the strategic
direction of SoftClouds and to further our mission to come through for the people who put their trust in us. From
day one, the Country Head will have an immediate impact on our productivity; streamlining strategic initiatives,
overseeing program management, and communicating objectives between departments that will enhance the
success of the whole team in India.
The Country Head will build and oversee key initiatives related to the team, and the overall SoftClouds
ecosystem. Success in the role will result in you being viewed by the team as the key person behind the scenes
making sure we’re understanding and addressing the needs of our team and key stakeholders.
The ideal candidate will be a strategist and a leader able to steer the company to the most profitable direction
while also implementing its vision, mission, and long-term goals. Very strong crisis management skills will also be
essential since the managing director is the one expected to “save” the company in times of need.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Oversee strategic business initiatives from development through successful execution under the guidance
    and partnership of senior leadership
  • Assist and communicate with executives in decision-making, program management and initiative
  • Review, design, and execute on improvements to workflow, uncovering technology, knowledge and skills
    gaps and partnering to rectify
  • Improve current processes and coordinate organizational procedures paving the way for optimized efficiency
    and productivity
  • Serve as liaison between team members, executives, senior leaders, and the CEO, regarding company’s
    initiatives, milestones, project updates, proposals, and planning
  • Oversee daily operations through collaboration with senior management and department leaders,
    performing an array of value-added tasks from learning and understanding each area of the business, keeping
    the CEO updated on major and connected initiatives, planning, and coordinating meetings and offsites, and
    constantly proposing and testing process improvements
  • Build and develop relationships with all team members for increased efficiency and effective responsiveness
    regarding existing operations, and help to define new operational strategies
  • Serve as a subject matter expert, handling inquiries and developing action plans, and assisting with the
    preparation and dissemination of communications
  • Develop and execute the company’s business strategies to attain the goals
  • Provide strategic advice to the CEO and senior leadership so that they will have accurate view of the market
    and the company’s future
  • Ensure company policies and legal guidelines are communicated all the way from the top down in the
    company and that they are always followed
  • Communicate and maintain trust relationships with shareholders, business partners and authorities
  • Oversee the company’s financial performance, investments, and other business ventures
  • Act as the public speaker and public relations representative of the company in ways that strengthen its
  • Analyze problematic situations and occurrences and provide solutions to ensure company survival and growth


  • The ideal candidate will have proven experience in a Country Head role and/or business management role,
    with a special focus on executive-level advising, interdepartmental collaboration and operations
  • Master’s degree in Business Administration or similar field and/or 12+ years in a business or executive
    management role
  • Ability to distill complex issues into structured frameworks and concrete action plans using key data and
    reporting tools
  • Results-oriented, solution centric and proven experience organizing and directing multiple teams through
    planning and leading strategic initiatives
  • Ability to interface cross-departmentally with colleagues and partners using exceptional communication skills
  • A reputation and track record for partnering with leaders as a true Business Partner; helping to drive their
    organizational agenda and staying ahead of growth challenges
  • The ideal candidate is fueled by curiosity, data, technology, understanding the future direction of the
    company and how to position and strengthen our offerings to support our vision
  • Strong growth orientation, analytical skills, budget management and the ability to communicate data
    factually and insightfully
  • Most importantly, you resonate with and are excited to live and exemplify SoftClouds values day in and day

Important Professional Characteristics:

  • Organized — You are able to stay personally organized while managing the priorities of the CEO and
    leadership team. You thrive on accessing information holistically across the company.
  • Sense of Urgency — You act as an additional entrepreneurial spirit promoting speed on the team and
    working against the natural pace challenges as companies grow.
  • Persuasive — You are able to weigh in on or make decisions with authority across all parts of a business.
  • Coachable — You are open to feedback and learning from any member of the team.
  • Collaborative, empathetic — You are dedicated to building a networked organization, ensuring teams
    communicate while maintaining a constant temperature check on team dynamics.

If you are dedicated to continuously building an innovative future, to optimizing teams and talent and you
have a track record of execution and excellence, you should meet the team at SoftClouds. We live in a teamorientated environment that focuses on meeting and surpassing the needs of our incredible clients and our
incredible colleagues.

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