Job Title:

Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud Architect (Lightning)

Remote or San Diego, US

Job Description:
Salesforce B2B Commerce Architect (Lightning) as a key member to our Salesforce Solutions practice, to deliver high quality implementation, customization, configuration, administration, and training to our Salesforce customer base.


  • Understand and analyze business processes, design comprehensive solutions using Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud, while ensuring scalability, security.
  • Develop and present technical architecture documents and solution design.
  • Design and implement integrations between Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud and other enterprise systems.
  • Customize and extend the functionality of Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud using Apex, Lightning Web Components, Flows, and other appropriate technologies.
  • Identify and address performance bottlenecks, optimize page load times.
  • Implement proper data access controls, encryption, by ensuring Salesforce b2b commerce best practices.
  • Provide design and implementation services on projects utilizing Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2B.
  • Design, configure and deploy Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud solutions to clients and customize modules and components to specific business needs independently or as part of a team.
  • Client, document, and analyze client requirements and key business processes.
  • Provide training to customers on new implementations and customizations.
  • Participate in data conversions during the project life cycle.
  • Effectively manage customer expectations and communicate status updates of projects to various stakeholders, and external customers of varying levels of management

Required Skills:

  • Solid hands-on experience in implementing Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud lighting.
  • Experience with designing responsive Salesforce Communities / Storefront Buyer Experiences.
  • Demonstrated skills in developing training and delivering training sessions.
  • Salesforce B2B Commerce product knowledge with experience in features like product hierarchy, storefront association, Account Group, price list, page labels, indexing etc.
  • Customize Salesforce B2B Commerce OOTB (out of the box) flow.
  • Salesforce B2B Commerce views, models, pubsub, page labels modification as per requirement.
  • Salesforce B2B Commerce feature customization using Salesforce Metadata.
  • Knowledge of Remote action integration.
  • Salesforce B2B Commerce Admin expertise.
  • Strong knowledge and expertise regarding SFCC Platform.

Education & Certificates

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or equivalent.
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