Oracle Service Cloud Agent Desktop Installation & Features

Oracle Service Cloud Agent Desktop - Installation & Features

In the previous posts, we had published in brief about evolution of Oracle Service Cloud and how Oracle acquisitions transformed over time. With a redesigned product logo, the product was re-branded from RightNow to Oracle Service Cloud, to empower Oracle compete in the CX cloud service industry. If you’re new to Oracle Service Cloud Community, you may have come across too many technical terminologies in the user documentation, etc. In this article, we’ll continue talking about Oracle Service Cloud regarding how to install agent desktop and review some of the amazing agent desktop features.

Steps to Install OSvC Agent Desktop

Follow the steps to download the Oracle Service Cloud client and log in. Cookies must be enabled on your workstation in order to work in the application. Tip: If you notice any issue to install agent desktop, you might also need to check if your anti-virus software is preventing to install. You can try to disable temporarily and enable after successful installation. 


  • Open Internet Explorer web browser and make sure to update the URL with your site name and copy in the browser address.
  • Click Install Oracle Service Cloud. A security message warns you that the application should not be installed unless you know that it is from a trusted source.
  • Click Install. Once Oracle Service Cloud downloads to your workstation, the Login window opens.
  • Type administrator in the Username field. You must enter this user name the first time.
  • Type the password assigned when your site was created. After logging in the first time, you must change your password.


  • User names and passwords are case sensitive. Don’t forgot to make a note as you add staff accounts. 
  • In login screen the “Interface” field displays the name of the interface from which you launched the installer.
  • The interface drop-down menu will also contain the names of any additional interfaces you install for this site, beginning with the first interface installed.
  • Click Login.
  • Agent Desktop Console opens after the system updates and loads all necessary support files.

These are the initial configuration tasks required to get started using Oracle Service Cloud Agent Desktop:

  • Create Navigation Set to define the visibility of the components based on staff profiles.
  • Create Profile to set Permissions and Access privileges.
  •  Create Staff Account (Users) after creating Profile and Navigation sets.
  •  Create Customizable Menus (List of Values/ Drop down)
  •  Create Workflow for dynamic interface to support and automate complex business processes.
  •  Create Work-space to define custom appearance of the object record based on staff profiles.

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    This post was written by Mahesh Jeyakumar , Practice Manager, CX Service at SoftClouds. SoftClouds is a recognized leader in CRM/CX transformation with experience in numerous Oracle Service Cloud Implementations with pre-configured best practice business processes for multiple verticals/domains.